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Veta la Palma shrimp is a completely wild-caught product, whose growth and reproduction take place naturally within extensively cultivated ponds, a carefully managed aquatic habitat which is well oxygenated, rich in microalgae (phytoplankton) and abundant in aquatic vegetation.

Veta la Palma is an expansive estate located in the heart of the Guadalquivir Marshes. In this exceptional environment, farmed fish coexist with the rich, varied wild fauna of one of the most iconic protected areas in Europe: the Doñana National Park.

The shrimp are harvested daily, using the traditional system of handmade fishing pots, for most of the year. These fresh shrimp are freeze-dried and ground down.

This powder gives a distinctive seafood flavour to croquettes, rice dishes, fish or seafood broths, mayonnaises and countless other dishes.

A 100% natural, healthy product.

A natural source of vitamins (E and B12) and minerals (K, Ca, P, Mg, Fe and I).

Low in saturated fat. High in natural protein.

Freeze-dried shrimp powder is a product that is used to provide flavour to seafood in the preparation of many recipes.

100% freeze-dried shrimp (Palaemon varians) in powder form (crustaceans).

Pinkish white colour, with a consistent appearance. High aromatic intensity and seafood flavour.

Freeze-dried shrimp

  • 100g container

Store in a cool, dry place, protected from direct sunlight and strong odours. No refrigeration necessary. Once opened, keep tightly closed and consume within 20 days.