With Veta la Palma® Marine Plankton, we bring the pure essence of the sea to your kitchen. A unique ingredient, an authentic culinary revolution, and a product capable of giving your dishes an intense, exquisite taste of the sea, all in a natural way.



Veta la Palma® Marine Plankton has managed to recreate the conditions found in the Veta la Palma estate, a privileged biosustainability enclave located in the heart of the Doñana Natural Park, for the cultivation of marine microalgae.

The Veta la Palma estate, located in the heart of Doñana Natural Park in Seville province, has 11,300 hectares of natural space, a prime example of biodiversity and sustainability.

Veta la Palma has first-class natural resources, and thanks to the excellent quality of the water in its wetlands, the aquatic birdlife remains in optimum conditions, even in summer.

Beneath its waters, Veta la Palma is home to a true environmental treasure: Marine Plankton.

Marine plankton is a basic component of life on Earth and plays an essential role in maintaining the health and stability of the ocean and its complex food chains. It is precisely this natural origin that allows us to bring the authentic flavour of the sea to our dishes.



Marine plankton is an exclusive food used in the kitchen to enhance the authentic flavour of the sea. The aroma and nutritional value of the marine environment in a unique ingredient to enrich your recipes.

A revolutionary food that aroused the interest of renowned chef Ángel León from Cadiz, nicknamed the “Chef del Mar”. Ángel did not take long to realise the benefits of marine plankton in haute cuisine.

Its highly nutritious, antioxidant composition led to the development of healthy dishes which also had the authentic flavour of the sea. The “Chef del Mar” was aware that this ingredient allowed him to go further in his constant experimentation in the kitchen with only a slight amount of marine plankton, thus obtaining the original flavour of the sea without the need to use a large quantity of marine products.



A company highly skilled in the production of microalgae, thanks to its advanced technological systems and highly qualified employees.

FM covers the needs of the aquaculture, fishkeeping and cosmetics markets, human nutrition, and pharmacological applications, guaranteeing the best quality standards and experience. A firm commitment to innovation and sustainability. It also has ISO 22000 certification for its food safety management system – this is required for any organisation involved in the food production chain.